Formjack is an online form and workflow software, as well as an electronic service platform.

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Tools for electronic services

Collecting data is a requirement, not optional, which is why you should use a well-proven process that is constantly developed further. Responses saved on Formjack are easy to view and export for further use.

Safe haven for data

You can have Formjack installed on a server hosted by your organization. This way you can manage your installation and database according to your information security policy. Contact us for more details.


With the Formjack software, you can create surveys and manage enrollments and online recruitment, all the while maintaining the ease, security, and flexibility that such processes require. The software gives you means to organize and handle responses, and you can view them within Formjack or export them into spreadsheet and statistics programs.

In addition to a form builder, Formjack is a workflow platform. Through verification and approval phases that are created and maintained within the software, organizations can move requests and other kinds of data from one processor and phase into another.

Wide range of use cases

With Formjack, you can collect data for various purposes. For gathering responses and information, you can create feedback, order and registration forms. For a customer register, you can create a separate form. Different types have specific features, such as a wait list for registration forms.


Formjack is used in many different contexts that range from user surveys to feedback management and workflows.

The system is developed for easy expansion and integration, which means that customers are not limited to the features available in the base version. The product's long development history ensures that Formjack is secure and reliable.

Read more about processing phases

Processing phases

Processing phases turn Formjack into a platform for electronic services.

Read more about authentication

Strong authentication

Authentication ensures the secure use of online services and makes forms quicker to fill out.

Read more about online payments

Online payment

Formjack is a secure option for collecting entrance fees and other payments.

To be added


Formjack has been integrated into the background systems of various customers.

Read more about surveys

Customer surveys

Creating a simple survey only takes a few minutes. It is also possible to make long, paginated surveys.

Read more about registration menus


You can use a registration menu to manage enrollments for events and especially courses.


When you order Formjack as a hosted service, you will receive user credentials on the next business day, but usually they are available on the day of the order.

If you are considering whether to exchange your current form software into Formjack, ask for a special offer!



  • 5 admins
  • 3 public forms
  • Unlimited number of responses
  • Starting fee N$1,616



  • 10 admins
  • 5 public forms
  • Unlimited number of responses
  • Starting fee N$1,616



  • 20 admins
  • 10 public forms
  • Unlimited number of responses
  • Starting fee N$1,616
Please note:

  • VAT is not included in the prices above.
  • Admins are users that can log into the system and create forms.
  • The number of public forms refers to how many forms can be open to respondents at the same time. The software can have a greater number of unpublished forms.

If you need something else, please contact us about a customized, non-binding offer.

The price of a self-hosted version is negotiated on a customer-by-customer basis.

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